Mission Background

At the moment, a private company by the name of SpaceX has its sights set on the final frontier.  As a company with large consumer appeal, SpaceX is in control of a large amount of resources.  However, many scientists with dreams of the stars instead take jobs at NASANASA, due to budget cuts and public concerns, has had to lower the scope of its missions save for a handful, whose ambition is guided by Congress.  It has the technical know how, but not the resources.  Fairly soon, these two organizations see a match made in heaven.  With SpaceX's resources and independence and NASA's scientists and engineers, they can accomplish what neither could on their own.  A full 10 years ahead of schedule, NASA and SpaceX unveil Moonbase New Colombia, the world's first colony on the moon.

People were, understandably, clamoring at the possibility of living in this new colony.  NASA and SpaceX, after testing the colony without habitation, decided on an invitation-only habitation test.  All those invited and approved could choose to stay on after the 1 year test had completed.

You are one of those invited.  Whether through employment with NASA or SpaceX, familial ties, or outstanding circumstances (political connection, monetary donation, prestige, etc.), you were one of those chosen for the test.

Bon Voyage!

Mission Background

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