Moonbase New Colombia

First Steps

Adventure Log 1

One week after a fairly informative press conference, the team boarded the shuttle to SpaceX's refueling and reloading space station.  On the way, some of our heroes had some rather serious trouble, but were able to make it through teamwork and quick thinking.

Upon landing, the team discovers themselves apartment-mates aboard Moonbase New Colombia along with the enigmatic and charismatic security chief, Franklin O'Neal (Frank to his friends).  After hearing about Frank's "armory" which raised several suspicions, the crew went to bed.  For some the rest was not peaceful, but the new "day" dawned all the same.

After settling in for several days, Frank called the team together to help him in a mission that seemed of utmost urgency.  Find and deactivate 4 unknown devices sending coded messages.  After finding all 4, they rushed to the Mayor's aid only to find that the entire thing had been a set up to determine the station's ability to handle crime and hazards.  However, before the (unimpressed) team could say anything, news came to them that there were originally 5 devices.

Rushing to the final device, the team discovered that the device had been crushed by a single appendage and ripped from its binding.  Something about the scene seemed to effect Frank who left after having what can only be described as a flashback… one that shook the usually nonplussed security chief.


I’m a cargo!

First Steps

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